About Our Company

Caribbean Aqua is dedicated entirely to providing high quality bottled water to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and businesses throughout the Caribbean!

We have a deep understanding of shipping and logistics as well as the intricacies of bringing our water through international ports. In order to provide complete customer service, ease of use and extreme efficiency, we have developed the Caribbean Aqua Supply Chain Network (CASC). This complete end-to-end solution enables us to manage all of your needs from sourcing and ordering to transportation and delivery.

In addition to our dedication to world-class customer service, we pride ourselves on delivering the finest quality bottled water at unbeatable pricing. We have partnered with best in class distribution providers to ensure that we are exceeding our customers’ expectations and delivering a refreshing, crisp taste in every one of our bottles. We employ a detailed purification processes that utilize state-of-the-art micron and carbon filtration systems, followed by reverse osmosis to remove any remaining contaminants. We are proud to deliver the purest water available, right to each customers door.

Caribbean Aqua has an elite team of professional and experienced supply chain experts, who are dedicated to not only meeting, but exceeding customer expectations and raising the bar for others in the industry.